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Recruitment    Thecompanyduetoworkneeds,qualitydepartmenttorecruitaqualityengineer,thespecificrequirementsareasfollows. 1,Lithium-ionbatteryindustrymorethan3yearsworkexperience2,Familiarwithlithium-io
      The company due to work needs, quality department to recruit a quality engineer, the specific requirements are as follows.
1, Lithium-ion battery industry more than 3 years work experience
2, Familiar with lithium-ion battery production process, strong communication skills, customer service experience
3, Familiar with the basic performance test of lithium-ion battery
4, regardless of gender, age 25-45 years old, at least high school education
5, pay negotiable, if all aspects of excellent treatment favorably
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           August 8, 2017