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What causes lithium-ion batteries to explode?

(Summary description)What causes lithium-ion batteries to explode?

What causes lithium-ion batteries to explode?

(Summary description)What causes lithium-ion batteries to explode?

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As we all know, lithium-ion batteries have many advantages over other battery technologies, such as light weight, high energy density, and faster charging. It is with these advantages that lithium-ion batteries have become the most commonly used batteries in electronic devices.


What will cause the lithium ion batteries to explode?


The root cause of an explosion in a lithium-ion battery is usually the battery's cathode (positive electrode) and anode (negative electrode) contactcausing a short circuit, followed by sparks and overheating, and in worse cases, the lithium-ion battery even catches fire and explodes.


Someone may ask, what causes the positive and negative electrodes to contact? This usually happens when the battery separator (microporous plastic sheet) does not work properly. The main function of the separator is to keep the anode and cathode of the battery away from each other. Since the separator has a large number of tiny perforations, when lithium ions move from the cathode to the anode, it allows lithium ions to move, and vice versa. Some reasons that may cause the partition to malfunction include:


Poor battery design: A good battery design will ensure that there is enough space between the anode and cathode of the battery, and expansionneeds to be considered. This is because when the temperature rises, the cathode and anode expand slightly, thereby squeezing the separator therebetween. Therefore, in the battery design process, engineers must consider their spacing to avoid failure of the separator at high temperatures.


Battery aging: The more the battery is used, the weaker its internal components are. An old battery means that some of its internal components (such as the separator) are beginning to wear out. When the partition isworn, it is easy to fail, and in the worst case, it will cause a short circuit and an explosion.


Battery overheating: leaving the device at a high temperature will have a greater impact on its battery than other components. When the temperature exceeds the recommended value that the battery can withstand, it will cause the anode and cathode to expand, resulting in the failure of the separator.



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