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NCM Lithium Ion Battery Advantages and Disavantages

(Summary description)Advantages and Disavantages of NCM Lithium Ion Battery

NCM Lithium Ion Battery Advantages and Disavantages

(Summary description)Advantages and Disavantages of NCM Lithium Ion Battery


At present, in the battery market, lithium batteries with many advantages quickly occupied the market share, becoming a super star. There are many types of lithium battery, such as NCM, lithium manganate, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium iron phosphate material and so on. Now let's talk about NCM lithium ion battery in detail.


What is NCM lithium ion battery? Lithium ion battery with nickel cobalt manganate material as positive pole is commonly known as NCM lithium ion battery. NCM lithium ion battery is balanced in capacity and safety. It is a battery with excellent comprehensive performance.The main functions and advantages of this three materials are as follows:

Co3+ : it can reduce the occupancy of cationic mixture, stabilize the layered structure of the material, reduce the impedance value, improve the conductivity, improve the circulation and efficiency performance.

Ni2+ : it can improve the capacity of the material (increase the volume energy density of the material). However, due to the similar radius of Li and Ni, too much Ni will misplace with Li to cause li-ni misplacement. The higher the concentration of nickel ion in the lithium layer, the more difficult it is to remove lithium from the layered structure, leading to poor electrochemical performance.

Mn4+ : it can not only reduce the cost of materials, but also improve the safety and stability of materials. However, too high Mn content will easily occur spinel phase and destroy the layered structure, reducing the capacity and cyclic attenuation.



Advantages of NCM lithium ion battery:

1. Low self-discharging

2. No memory effect

3. The unit electric energy is relatively large, which is the result compared with the lithium iron phosphate battery.

4. High energy density is the biggest advantage of NCM lithium ion battery, the platform is an important indicator of the battery energy density and

voltage, determining the basic performance and cost of batteries, the higher the voltage platform, the greater the specific capacity, so with the same

volume, weight, and even the same ampere hour battery, high voltage platform of NCM lithium ion battery life is longer.


Disadvantages of NCM lithium ion battery:

1. Poor safety performance

2. Poor high-temperature resistance

3. Poor cycle life

4. Poor high-power discharging


Although NCM lithium ion battery has some disavantages, the discharging voltage platform of the single NCM lithium ion battery is as high as 3.7v, the lithium iron phosphate is 3.2v, and the lithium titanate is only 2.3v. Therefore, from the perspective of energy density, the NCM lithium ion battery has an absolute advantage.

Based on its many advantages, the development space of NCM lithium ion battery is very large, with the continuous maturity of technology, the application of NCM lithium ion battery is more and more extensive.

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