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Research Result of Flexible Lithium Ion Battery

(Summary description)Research Result of Flexible Lithium Ion Battery

Research Result of Flexible Lithium Ion Battery

(Summary description)Research Result of Flexible Lithium Ion Battery


A team of researchers at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory has won the 2019 R&D100 Award for a breakthrough in lithium-ion battery technology.


The 2019 R&D100 innovation award list also includes research teams from MIT's Lincoln laboratory, argonne national laboratory, los alamos national laboratory, oak ridge national laboratory and sandia national laboratory.


"We are honored to be recognized as a breakthrough innovation in lithium-ion battery technology that has the potential to change the future of battery safety and functionality," said Ralph Semmel, APL laboratory director.


The flexible lithium-ion battery works even under extreme conditions such as cutting, flooding and simulated ballistic impact, and is not yet on fire. The research was recently published in the royal society of chemistry journal chemical letters.





"These 100 winning products and technologies will transform many industries and make the world a better place over the next few years," said Paul Heney, vice President and editorial director of R&D World magazine.


The APL lab team was led by Konstantinos Gerasopoulo of APL r&d, and included Jeff Maranchi, Adam Freeman, Spencer Langevin, Jarod Gagnon, Bing Tan, and Christopher Hoffman Jr. And Matthew Logan.


APL material science project area director Jeff Maranchi said: "we are in the manufacturing of ‘unbreakable’ flexible gains in lithium ion batteries are encouraged and excited, when we realized that the chemical composition of polymer electrolyte can actually make the safety of battery has a higher voltage and energy than ever before, our talented team of scientists and engineers showed great wisdom. It is this insight that has pushed this innovative technology to the forefront of lithium-ion battery technology."



The team is still working on improving the safety and performance of flexible lithium-ion batteries and hopes to turn the new research into a prototype within a year.



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