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Optional battery "four attention"


AQSIQ announced the recent test of the quality of 60 battery products produced and distributed by 36 enterprises on the market. The passing rate of their products was 78.3%. The sampling results show that some big brand products better quality, small business product quality needs to be improved. In response to the major quality problems found in the spot checks, the SAQSIQ reminds consumers that attention should be paid to the purchase and use of battery products: 1. The battery type and size should be selected according to the requirements of electrical equipment; , Pay attention to see the battery production date and shelf life, the recent production of the battery should be purchased, for those who use the code expresses the shelf life of the battery, should ask the manufacturer; 3, pay attention to see the appearance of the battery should be purchased appearance neat, clean, Phenomenon of the battery; 4, the battery mark should be marked on the manufacturer name, battery polarity, battery type, nominal voltage, trademarks and so on.