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CR123A Battery Introdution

(Summary description)CR123A Battery Introdution

CR123A Battery Introdution

(Summary description)CR123A Battery Introdution



Today let’s talk about CR123A battery. What is the CR123A battery? The CR123A battery is a 2/3A-sized lithium manganese battery with a 3.0v non-rechargeable battery.




Some of the most common uses of CR123A battery are for flashlights, cameras, smoke detectors, and photographic equipment. Each of these batteries weighs about16 grams, with demension of  17mm in diameter and 34.5mm in height, which hasa shelf life of three to five years or even 10 years, but the optimal battery life is one year.


There are many things to consider when buying a device that uses CR123A battery. Branding, mAH, volt and compatibility are all factors to consider. If you buy a CR123A battery for your flashlight, consider a rechargeable version of the flashlight without the CR123A battery. Rechargeable CR123A battery, also known as ICR123,are equivalent to 16340 lithium ion battery. They are manufactured differently and at different voltages, the most common being 3.7-4.2 volts. It is best to read your user manual carefully and make sure your product is acceptable for ICR123, but in the right environment these can be used frequently.


Why is ICR123 not suitable for most LED flashlights? The ICR123 battery doesn't work on most LED flashlights for one main reason: voltage! Most LED flashlights require between 3.0V and 3.7V to work, with ICR123 typically between 3.7V and 4.2V. When you place the ICR123 in an LED flashlight, the circuit controlling the LED will not be adjustable due to the high voltage, which may cause the LED to overheat. This is why ICR123 should be used with caution. It's safe to say that regular CR123A will increase your running time by about 50%, but it won't be able to charge it.


We recommend keeping CR123A convenient, especially if you like to travel, hike, run or ride. These are the perfect batteries for outdoor use.


Bofuneng Battery is a professional battery manufacturer with a history of 16 years. No matter you want to know about CR123A battery or 16340 lithium ion battery, you can feel free to contact us for further info.



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