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The Reason for Lithium Battery Bulge

(Summary description)The reason for lithium battery bulge

The Reason for Lithium Battery Bulge

(Summary description)The reason for lithium battery bulge



Up to now, lithium battery due to its high energy density, high security, has been widely used in the market, like 18650 this kind of battery although there is no polymer battery with higher security, but because of itsearly development, so is cheaper, many manufacturers are able to produceat the same time, which leads to uneven, the safety of the lithium batteryis sometimes not guaranteed, if use undeserved or other production level limited words or has certain security hidden danger, such as batterybulge. So why do lithium battery bulge?



The reason for lithium battery bulge


I: Problem of production process

Due to the large number of manufacturers, many manufacturers in order to save costs, making the production environment is poor, the use of equipment to eliminate the machine and so on, so that the battery coating is not uniform, electrolyte mixed with dust particles. All these may make the lithium battery pack in the use of the phenomenon of bulging, even more dangerous.


2: Users' daily usage habits

If the user use lithium battery products improperly, such as overcharging or discharging, or continuous using in extremely harsh environment, it may also cause the lithium battery to bulge.


3: Not used for a long time and not kept properly

If any product is not used for a long time, the original performance will basically decline, the battery is not used for a long time, and then there is no better preservation. When it is exposed to the air for a long time and not used, and full of electricity. Since the air is conductive to a certain extent, if it is left for too long, it is equivalent to direct contact between the positive and negative electrodes of the battery, which causes a chronic short circuit. Once the short circuit, it will generate heat, and some electrolytes will decompose or even vaporize, resulting in a bulge.



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