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Why does the lithium batteries fail to charge

(Summary description)Why does the lithium batteries fail to charge

Why does the lithium batteries fail to charge

(Summary description)Why does the lithium batteries fail to charge




There are many types of lithium batteries, such as batteries composed of round cells like 18650 and batteries composed of polymers. If divided into two categories, they are lithium metal batteries and lithium ion batteries. Charging methods basically include constant current charging, constant voltage charging, pulse charging, etc. Different charging methods are used in different stages. If the charging fails, there are no more than a few cases:


1. Lithium batteries is in overdischarge state

That is to say, the discharge of lithium batteries is very low, in the state of deep discharge, the power is basically used up, so that it is so low as to the lithium battery cut-off voltage, at this time it can be adopted activation method, but this is not necessarily effective.


2. There is something wrong with the charger or charging line

First of all, you should check whether there is a problem with the charger, the method is very simple, directly measure the output voltage or theload of the corresponding voltage can be observed, as for the line problems, then it will have to work hard, after all, involving the circuit hardware and other problems, when necessary, directly open the analysis.


3. Lithium batteries fail when used for too long

The likelihood that produces this kind of circumstance is less, but it also cannot rule out certainly, oneself battery oneself should be familiar with, how long should replace the battery.


4. There is something wrong with Battery charging IC or BMS system

Due to the imbalance of the battery cell and other reasons, the battery management system has a problem, which leads to the misjudgment of the management IC, resulting in the inability to detect voltage or current.



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