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How to extend the life of power bank of lithium ion batteries

(Summary description)How to extend the life of power bank of lithium ion batteries

How to extend the life of power bank of lithium ion batteries

(Summary description)How to extend the life of power bank of lithium ion batteries


With the development of science and technology, power bank can be borrowed in many places, which leads a lot of people to go out without carrying it, but some places still have not, and avoiding cellphone no electricity, it can't be charged at once, some people going out will also carry it, so how to extend the cycle life of power bank of lithium ion batteries?

1. Properly place power bank

Most of the time, when we travel or business trip on the backpack stuffed with a variety of objects, after the power bank will accompany these items into the backpack, although the power bank has a hard shell to protect on the surface, but this does not mean that carry resistance is strong, when the magnitude of the power bank is squeezed to a certain extent, it is easy to cause dislocation caused by short circuit of lithium ion battery internal structure, if you happen to buy it, so it will likely be an explosion accident, etc. Accordingly, power bank how to place has much knowledge, the proposal leaves certain space when putting power bank into bag.


2. Ambient temperature should be suitable

Summer is coming, as the temperature rises year by year, do not go out for a long time when the power bank exposure in the sun, in addition,on the driving gens, also do not put the power bank in the car, otherwise once spontaneous combustion, the consequences will be unthinkable.


3. Don't overcharge

Most people have the habit of charging their power bank at night and unplugging it in the morning. Some power bank without charging protection continue to charge when fully charged, and materials such as the electrolyte will decompose into gases, causing the shell to break and oxygento react with lithium atoms, triggering an explosion. To this, netizen people should try to prevent the power bank or cellphone to charge at night, at the same time, as far as possible to buy some brands of power bank,relatively speaking the quality is more guaranteed.


4. The power bank should be charged regularly when it is not used for a long time

When we do not use power bank for a long time, in order to extend thecycle life, we should reserve at least 50% of the power, and at the same time, regularly charge 1~2 times a month and discharge 1~2.


5. Use a charger matching the output

Don't think that you can charge the mobile power supply just by finding a corresponding interface, the specification of most chargers is greater than 5V/1A. It is understood that the maximum specification for power bank is only 5V/1A, therefore, if the power bank is charged using the charger that other specification does not accord with for a long time, it is likely to cause the load too large to charge and even fire.



If you pay attention to the above points, then it can be a good extension of the life of power bank.



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