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Advantages and Disadvantages of Four kind batteries

(Summary description)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Four kind batteries

(Summary description)

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Lead acid battery

Main advantages:

1. The raw materials are easy to get and the price is relatively low;

2. Good discharge performance at high rate;

3, good temperature performance, can work in the environment of -40~+60℃;

4, suitable for floating charging, long service life, no memory effect;

5. Used batteries are easy to be recycled, which is conducive to environmental protection.

Main disadvantages

1. Low specific energy, generally 30~40Wh/kg;

2, service life less than Cd/Ni battery;

3, the manufacturing process is easy to pollute the environment, must be equipped with three waste treatment equipment.



Nickel metal hydride battery

Main advantages:

1. Compared with lead-acid battery, the energy density is greatly improved, with weight energy density of 65Wh/kg and volume energy density of 200Wh/L.

2, high power density, large current charge and discharge;

3. Good low-temperature discharge characteristics;

4. Cycle life (increased to 1000 times);

5. Environmental protection and no pollution;

6, technology comparison of lithium ion battery mature.

Main disadvantages

1. Normal operating temperature range of -15~40℃, poor high temperature performance;

2. Low operating voltage, operating voltage range 1.0~ 1.4v;

3. It is more expensive than lead-acid battery and ni-mh battery, but its performance is worse than lithium ion battery.


Lithium ion batteries

Main advantages:

1. Higher specific energy;

2. High voltage platform;

3. Good cycling performance;

4. No memory effect;

5. Environmental protection, no pollution; It is currently one of the best potential electric vehicle power batteries.

Main disadvantages

1. Lithium batteries are of poor safety and have the risk of blasting.

2, lithium cobalt acid data lithium battery can not be large exile electricity, security is poor.

3, lithium batteries need to maintain lines to prevent batteries from being overcharged and overdischarged.

4, high consumption requirements, high cost.



Main advantages:

1. High power density;

2. Short charging time.

Main disadvantages:

Low energy density, only 1-10wh /kg, ultra-capacitor range is too short to be used as a mainstream power source for electric vehicles.




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