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Precautions for the use of solar lights storage battery

(Summary description)Precautions for the use of solar lights storage battery

Precautions for the use of solar lights storage battery

(Summary description)Precautions for the use of solar lights storage battery


Now the development of solar lights has been getting better and better, we all know that solar lights are green renewable energy, so the tendency to choose solar lights is relatively large. Not only that, solar lights arealso very popular in rural areas, as long as the sun can generate electricity, they can save people a large amount of electricity, who does not like such a good product ? Speaking of this, we also know that the core of the solar lights is the storage battery, so what can we pay attention to when we use it?



1. Avoid overcharging

In addition to external maintenance, the battery life of solar ights is alsoclosely related to the accumulation of heat generated inside. If the solar battery is overcharged, the temperature inside the battery will rise step by step and thermal runaway will occur. If it is serious, it may significantlyshorten the battery life, or even cause the battery to be scrapped. If wewant to prevent the battery from overcharging, we should provide the charging voltage value strictly according to the manufacturer's instructions.


2. Avoiding insufficient charging

In addition to preventing overcharging, solar battery also need to preventundercharging. Undercharging may also be due to a problem with the rack system, or the voltage may be too low. Frequent undercharging leadsto fewer cycles and a shorter battery life.


3. Avoiding overrelease

The discharge depth of the battery is closely related to the number of charge and discharge cycles (service life) designed by the battery. Proportionately, if the discharge depth is 10%, the number of cycles is 10,000, and if the discharge depth is 70%, the number of cycles is only 500. The deeper the discharge, the fewer cycles.


4. Controling the ambient temperature

Especially high temperature environment can shorten the life of solar battery by half, so the control of solar battery temperature is very important.The service life of the battery is relatively long under normal temperatureweather, if the temperature is higher, the battery is very suffering.




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